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  1. In the panel on the left-hand of the screen, click on the Messenger icon
  2. Click on the Set your availability menu
  3. Under Set office hours, set the workspace's timezone to match the {CLIENT} office location. Configure the office hours to match when the {CLIENT} hours of operation. Click Close.
  4. Click on the Style your Messenger menu
  5. Set the Logo, Background color, Action color, and Wallpaper to match the {CLIENT} brand. Click Close
  6. Log into Intercom, and click on the user icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  7. In the Settings menu, click on Installation
  8. Move the cursor over the text box under the heading "JavaScript installation for visitors". Click on the blue Copy code button.
  9. In Webflow, click on the Custom Code tab under project settings.
  10. In the Footer Code section, paste the code that you copied from Intercom. Click Save Changes.
  11. The Intercom messenger will appear after the {CLIENT} site is published