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We use paid advertising and conversion funnels to help online businesses scale leads and sales quickly.

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It is easier than ever to
"do marketing" for your business.

You create a website, email, chat-bot, Facebook post, blog post, and wait to see what happens.

The problem is, most businesses pick one, do it one time, it doesn't work, decide to re-brand and start over, and then do nothing at all for a while.

The good news: we have the solution to this marketing mayhem:

When you create the right step-by-step marketing system, you get strangers to become customers.

And it happens automatically, repeatedly, and reliably.

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Our strategy is as simple as it is effective:
Only do marketing If it Fits Your Funnel.
"If it Fits Your Funnel" takes all guesswork out of marketing, tracking and optimizing, maximizes every dollar, and focuses exclusively on bringing you results.
Has a clear goal


The action ($$$) is on your website.
Your website needs to be more than an online business card, or an expensive art project.
It is an integral part of your funnel, and your brand.
From the homepage to your landing pages, conversion happens when your website is working for you.

Enter the Market

The only way to get your funnel to work is to start it working.
Most businesses are busy chasing the latest marketing fad, followed by doing nothing, and see no results.
Not you: you are going to enter the market today!
Start sending traffic into your funnel as soon as possible.
Enter the market!


Optimize Everything!
We are constantly optimizing and improving.
Conversion point optimization. Split tests. Sales optimization. Follow up optimization. Lead gen optimization. Ad optimization. Retargeting optimization.
Optimization = more sales per dollar spent.


Finally, your Conversion Funnel is Converting.

Create. Automate. Elevate.

Blogging for Business generates the best ideas, creates the content. so business go from bad, empty blogs to full valuable content.

  • Create a conversion focused website.
  • Automate the lead generation process by building a conversion funnel.
  • Elevate and improve everything, constantly.


Take blogging off your to-do list.

We handle all research, writing, and editing. You can focus on your business.

We choose the right topic to attract your ideal customer, every time.

Our Business Value Score for topic selection guarantees we choose a topic your customers care about and are actually searching for.

There is no topic guesswork, just high-quality topics every time.

Great marketing starts with your blog.

Long-form blog posts = long results (and short-form blog posts = short results).

No one is going back and reading your tweets from 2016; long-form blog posts are still gaining traffic!

All of your marketing efforts are improved when you start from a quality blog post.

the proven process

How it works

1. Setup

One Time

Create Your Account

The first step is to create your account.

Fill out your questionnaire and we get to work.

That is where your work ends so go ahead and get back to running your business.

2. Create


Research, Write, & Edit

We begin our research and add a content card to your account showing why we chose the topic and how it will add value to your blog and your business.

Every topic we choose has a top Business Value Score.

Lastly, we edit the blog post to ensure there are no errors.

3. Share


Publish Your Content

Once your post is researched, written, and edited, we send it for review & publishing.

Then we get back to work on delivering more quality blog posts.

Login to your account anytime to view your content cards, progress tracking, and see the plan for future posts.

Transform how your business does marketing.

Apply for a strategy session and see how conversion funnels will transform your business.

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