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Add the {CLIENT} site under the {AGENCY} organization if applicable

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu in the header nav bar, select Sites & Organizations
  2. Click + New Site
  3. Under Website, enter in the URL of the {CLIENT} homepage
  4. Under Site Type, select an appropriate category
  5. Under Site Owner, select {AGENCY}
  6. Select the check box under Site Owner, and click Add Site

Configure the {Client} Hotjar account

  1. Verify the installation of Hotjar. At the far right-hand side of the header nav bar, you should see an icon with a check mark next to the word Tracking
  2. Create your first heatmap. From the left-hand nav bar, select the flame icon
  3. Click on the green + New Heatmap button
  4. Enter the name of the page under Name and click Next
  5. Click Next for Number of Pageviews
  6. Enter in the page URL corresponding the the title you entered in step 1
  7. Click the green Create Heatmap button
  8. Repeat the previous steps for two more pages
  9. From the left-hand nav bar, select the camera icon
  10. Click the green Record Visitors button
  11. Click Done for Quantity
  12. Click Done for Page Targeting
  13. Click Done for Recording Options (Only click & scroll sessions is appropriate for most cases, Only 30s sessions can be used at your discretion, and the Record keystroke data *should not* be checked)
  14. Click the green Start Recording button

Pages to consider for heatmaps

  • Home Page
  • Conversion Pages
  • Pages with a form
  • Pages where questions exist regarding UX