Marketing Asset Acquisition

Gather and track all of the marketing assets you will need from your clients.

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  1. <--Update the {CLIENT} Marketing Assets spreadsheet to match the client's information and branding-->
  2. Replace the logo in cell A1 with the {CLIENT} logo.
  3. In the sheet name, replace {CLIENT} with the client's brand name.
  4. Navigate to the Examples & More Information tab in this spreadsheet. Remove any examples that don't pertain to the client, especially under the Images and Video Sections.
  5. For all assets that we are requesting from the client, define why we need to procure specific assets in order to proceed with contracted work. In addition, work with {ACCOUNT MANAGER} to determine a cost range to produce each requested asset, should the client not be able to produce it. *These notes should be kept internal until we review this doc with the client during a follow-up call.
  6. Ensure the client has edit access to the {CLIENT} Marketing Assets Checklist spreadsheet within this sub-folder
  7. Send the updated {CLIENT} Marketing Assets Checklist to the client. Also, propose a few times for a phone call approximately 7 days after the message is sent in order to review the documents. *Avoid scheduling this call on the same day as the Target Persona & Value Skew document review call.