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  1. Select Rank Tracker from the header menu in Ahrefs
  2. Click the + Add keywords button within the {CLIENT} project box
  3. Select the Import from my lists drop-down menu, and click on the box next to the first {CLIENT} keyword list in the menu. Click Import.
  4. Enter a short descriptive tag name that accurately describes the keyword list you just imported. Click Add to list.
  5. For Locations, enter the main geographic areas where the {CLIENT} wants to generate business through organic search. This may range from "United States" to "New York, New York". Click Add Keywords.
  6. Repeat the previous three steps for any remaining keywords lists for the {CLIENT}
  7. From the Rank tracker screen, click on the {CLIENT} name. For each keyword, add tags for searcher intent. (use the keyword map for reference) Click on the check box next to a keyword, then select the Edit tags drop-down menu. If you are adding a tag for the first time, type in the name in the text box, and hit Apply. Consider using the following structure for tag names: [SI] Informational, [SI] Transactional, [SI] Navigational.
  8. Repeat the previous step until all keywords are tagged with their general category, added during the import process, in addition to their searcher intent.
  9. Update the Tracking Report, {CLIENT}, Ahrefs sheet. Decide on the top 2-3 keyword categories that will be tracked on the {CLIENT} Dashboard. Rename with CLEAN and RAW data tabs accordingly. For each CLEAN tab, rename all Comp. column headers to reflect tracked competitors. Review the array formulas on the CLEAN tabs to ensure they are pulling data from the correct columns on the corresponding RAW tabs.