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Our blog exists to help businesses with two things

1. Use their websites to their full potential.

Bonus points on topics surrounding Webflow and No-Code tools.

2. Gain unique insights and ideas on how to do better digital marketing.

Think you can help by writing on these topics? Then we want to hear from you!

How to submit a post

It easy, just follow these two steps!

1. Read the rest of our thoughts on blog posts; this helps ensure you are submitting a post that fits with our goals and greatly increases the chances we can publish your post.

2. When you are ready to submit, you can use the form below and include a link to your Google Doc. We can only accept a post if we can review it in Google Docs.

Ask these questions before you hit submit

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you send us your post. This will help you clarify why you are writing the post and why it fits well for our blog.

1. Who should read this post? 

We write for business owners and digital marketers who are looking to grow and improve their business using their website. Your post should speak directly to this audience.

2. What value does a business owner or digital marketer get by reading your post?

We want to inspire business owners and digital marketers to get the most value possible out of their digital marketing and websites.

3. How will a reader act on your post?

If your post is inspiring and useful, they will be able to take action to improve their business.

Our style, abbreviated.

Write in a clear, casual, and knowledgeable style, like you are in a conversation with a friend who is super excited about using their website to grow their business.

Use headings, subheadings, images, lists, blockquotes, and other helpful structure.

Make sure you have the rights to use any included images and that the image supports your point, not just a decoration.

We can only publish you post if...

  • There are no grammar or spelling errors.

  • The post fully and sufficiently covers the topic. We don't have a word count requirement, just a completeness requirement.

  • The topic provides real value to our specific audience. We want our readers to be able to immediately take positive action after reading your post.

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