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The News Advertising Coalition is a nonprofit trade association of U.S. media companies, focused on facilitating innovation in the targeted print and digital advertising industries. In working with us, they sought to create a website that kept up with the innovation of its member organizations’ industries, both aesthetically and in terms of user experience and member attraction.

A unique spin on newsletters

Most online newsletters are static pages or downloadable PDFs. We created a central hub for each edition of the NAC newsletter in which each individual article could be linked to and advertised with its own page and unique url. This has created a much more dynamic and flexible experience for the organization and its members.

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Showcasing member organizations

One of NAC’s biggest priorities is shedding light on the member and affiliate organizations that make its existence possible. We built in the ability for NAC staff to easily create and edit new pages as new members join.

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An engaging brand, focused on technology and innovation

We took NAC into the digital age, turning a templated website focused exclusively on traditional media into a modern, engaging website with innovation as a guiding principle.

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