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Crying Eagle is a rough translation of the Atakapa Indian word Quelqueshue, the name of a legendary chief with a unique battle cry. So goes the story of the best craft brewery in the South. Stop by the 1,500 square feet of custom beer-brewing engineering and stay for a beer in their beer garden.

Crack a cold one

Everyone knows the great feeling of drinking a cold can of beer. We had the goal of bringing this feeling to you through visually compelling product presentation.

Crying Eagle Beer page

Ready to take one home?

Whether you want to drink Crying Eagle at your favorite restaurant or on your favorite couch, has you covered. Find the location nearest to you selling Crying Eagle Brews.

Crying Eagle beer finder

Stop by the tap room

Crying Eagle is always trying out new brews and serving them up in the beer garden. Check ahead of time to see if your favorite brew is on tap.

Crying Eagle beers currently on tap

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