Live Website Prototypes: A winning Web Design process

The ultimate collaboration, accountability and efficiency booster

What’s a live website prototype, anyway?

On day 1 of a web design project, we send you a link to your live website in progress, along with a live dashboard with information on what we’ve been working on, our deliverables for the upcoming week, and what we need from you.

Our dashboards allow our clients to access everything they need—even communication with us through live chat and a box for feedback and asset submission.

It facilitates communication and collaboration

We believe in the power of a collaborative process. With live prototyping, you get to watch your website grow evolve from day 1 to launch.

You also get so submit feedback in real time, making sure our visions are aligned throughout the process.

It reinforces accountability and efficiency

With live prototypes and a progress dashboard, you always know what we’ve completed, what we’re working on and what’s next.

Similarly, you know exactly what we need from you in order to beat our deadlines.

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